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Welcome the new music group, :icon365daysofmusic:

As its founder, :iconnichrysalis: explained to me, the group's mission is, starting in June, a daily journal about independent musicians, encompassing great varieties of music styles and genres. The group also allows the active promotion of artists on deviantART, so it's an opportunity to get your name out, and also allows self-submitted work by musicians to the group itself.

The group is looking for a bit of momentum and initial popularity so more music artists can get in line for future journal posts by the group. To me, that sounds pretty awesome. Daily promotion and music? Sounds like a deal!

Show some love, guys! This can be pretty neat.
:iconkcjones88: and :iconskylight22: are looking for help with their Sonic/Transformers crossover series, and are looking for some assistance in the sound design area. If any of you guys are looking to delve into others areas of audio  production, then this could serve as a pretty good gateway into that area.

I know sound design isn't the main focus of this group, but this can help some of you guys broaden your horizons if you wanted to.

Message :iconskylight22: or :iconkcjones88: if you are interested.
This is not music-related, however I feel it is important.

Emily Kim ( :iconmformusic323: ) is raising money to help Invisible Children, which aims to prevent Joseph Kony, a leader of the Lord's Resistance Army operating Uganda, from kidnapping innocent children and coercively enlisting them to fight his war.

Donations to Invisible Children will go  to building radio towers. These radio towers will enable quick, long-distance communicate with others to dispatch help or aid to certain parts of Uganda. With this, the LRA's attempts at forcible recruitment can be effectively foiled.

I strongly oppose any kid of oppression or compulsion, anywhere at any time, government-issued or not. I shudder to think that kids not one or two years older than some of my young cousins are given a gun or a knife, and taught to "love the gun" and "kill with a knife."

If you want more information, visit this site:
If you wish to donate, visit Emily's donation page:…

If you don't feel you can donate, please spread the word. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
Fellow musician :iconreturnofsolace: has sent over details of another great opportunity for you all, though it doesn't necessarily involve composition. However, it is music-related, and can give you a great chance to improve your visual art capabilities.

returnofsolace is holding an album artwork competition for his new album, and he's reaching out to YOU ALL to submit your album artwork with his specifications. And yes, there are prizes!

*** Submissions need to be in by August 26 ***

Album Title: The Time We'd Killed
Album's Musical Genre: Emo/Pop-Punk with brief ventures into Metal/Hardcore and heavy use of acoustic
Themes: Deception, Depression, Hope, Time

Entry Specifications:
Media: Any and all are welcome.
Central Theme: Any of the above (Preferably with a focus on time or loss of innocence)
Size: 1000x1000 (minimum) .jpeg or .png

Credit for Artwork and any one of the following:
1) Acoustic Cover of a Song Requested by the Winner
2) Lyrics to a Piece of Music
3) An Original Piece of Music to the Winner's Specifications (i.e. lyrics, poetry, story, key, pretty much anything)

More info here:…

If you don't think you'd be willing to submit some of your work to the contest, I'm sure advertising this information will also be greatly appreciated!

Thanks everyone!

Our good friend :iconjohnny-ether: has an album here, and he's looking for people willing to remix some of his songs off his new album. He highly recommends that experimental electronic artists give it a try.…

But be warned! He's only allowing one remix per track so two people can't remix the same track. So, if you want to have a better chance of getting to remix your favorite one, best apply ASAP!

His due date is September 5th. This is another great experience opportunity for anybody looking to work with the music of others through remixing. I must say, remixing is also quite fun, so it's definitely worth a shot.


1. Intro*
2. Sea Lab
3. Vincent
4. Criminal Mind Colour-Coded
5. I Left a Trail of Muddy Footprints*
6. Basset Hound Music*
7. These Cogs Keep Me Running
8. Family Reunion
9. Seedy Pub/Drugged
10. The Temporary Winner
11. Square Root of an Isosceles
12. Weak Tax
13. Epinephrine Rush
14. Train to Glasgow*

*track has been remixed already

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